Adjunct Professor of Medicine at College of Santa Casa of São Paulo - School of Medicine (FCMSCSP) GSK Internal Expert CRM-SP 38357 • Especialization: Primary care and Pulmonology, FCMSCSP, 1984. Hospital Administration, São Camilo College, 1983. Occupational Health, FCMSCSP, 1985 • Master: Primary care, FCMSCSP, 1996 • Doctorate degree: Primary care, FCMSCSP, 2001 • Present: Coordinator of the Primary care Residency program of the Municipal Health Secretary of São Paulo. Coordinator of the Respiratory System course of FCMSCSP. Coordinator of the Lato Sensu Posgraduate Program of FCMSCSP. Professor of the Stricto Sensu Posgraduate Program of FCMSCSP • Former: President of the Brazilian Society of Pneumology and Tisiology and of the Paulista Society of Pneumology and Tisiology. Coordinator of the COPD committee Latin American Thoracic Association (ALAT) and the Ashtma committee of the Brazilian Society of Pneumology and Tisiology. • Interests: COPD, Pulmonary Function Test, Asthma, difficult-to-control Asthma