Bruno Housset is currently Professor of Respiratory Diseases and Head of the Pulmonary Diseases Department at the General Hospital of Créteil, France. His main area of research is related to the physiopathology of COPD and other respiratory consequences of environmental particle inhalation and he is a member of the team 4 at the Mondor Institute of Biomedical Research (IMRB, INSERM U955, University of Paris Est Créteil, UPEC). He is President of the Fondation du Souffle (Breath Foundation), which promotes research on respiratory consequences of environmental pollution in particular. He was involved in the elaboration of SPLF (French-speaking lung society) proposals on pharmacological treatment optimisation for stable COPD. Previously, he served as President for the French Society of Pulmonology, President for the French Federation of Pulmonology and he has been a member of the respiratory working group at the French regulatory agency (ANSM).