Medical Education – MBBS – 1986 –Mumbai University , Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College Sion Mumbai MD( Internal Medicine ) – 1989 – Mumbai University ,Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College and Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hosiptal Sion, Mumbai ERS Diploma in Adult Respiratory Medicine ( Berlin, 2008) Practice Experience – Consultant Chest Physician – Practicing since August 1991 Clinic – Chest Clinic – 1399,Sadashiv Peth , Pune ,411030 Past Affiliations – Bronchoscopist and Chest Physician – Inlaks and Budhrani Hospital Pune Bronchoscopist ,Intnsivist and chest Physician – MMF Joshi Hospital Pune Bronchoscopist ,Intensivist – Pune Institute of Neurology,Pune. Present Affiliations – Hospital Consultant – Chest Medicine – Poona Hospital Pune Hospital Consultant – Chest Medicine – Jehangir Hospital Pune Hospital Consultant –Chest Medicine –Deenanath Hospital,Pune Visiting Consultant – Bronchoscopy – Prayag Hospital ,Pune Course Co ordianator – Respiratory therapy – Poona Hospital and Research Centre Pune Practicing interventional pulmonologist Bronchoscopies – Diagnostic and therapeutic in stable and ICU patients Medical thoracoscopies – Loculated empyema , Undiagnosed effusions ,Talc pleurodesis, Lung biopsies for diffuse interstitial lung disease CT guided FNA and Tru cut biopsies Endobronchial laser ablation of tumours Endobronchial Brachytherapy Endobronchial stent insertion Sleep studies – for obstructive sleep apnoea Home ventilation guidance Smoking cessation advice Environmental awareness lectures Teaching experience – DNB Medicine – Poona Hospital and Research Centre -7 years Awards and presentations Second Prize – National Conference Chest Diseases 1990 , Multi system organ failure in IRCU Travel Award – American thoracic Society and Coalition against tuberculosis – for ATS 2005 – Presented poster ( San Diego)– Role of bronchoscopy in diagnosis of tuberculosis in Sputum smear negative suspects Bronze Scholarship – European Respiratory Society – For ERS 2005 – Role of Medical thoracoscopy in management of loculating pleural collections , Presented Poster, In Copenhagen Gold Sponsorship – European Respiratory Society - For ERS 2006 –( Munich) , Poster Discussion – Evaluation of lung biopsy techniques in diagnosis of idiopathic interstitial pneumonia. Role of bronchoscopy in diagnosis of tuberculosis in Sputum smear negative suspects Electronic poster Discussion – ERS 2007 – Stockholm Prevalence of COPD with reversible obstruction in first spirometries, among patients with obstructive airways disease in western Maharashtra, India --- Electronic Poster Discussion – ERS 2008 (Berlin) Impact of spirometry trending on diagnostic label in nonsmoking adults with obstructive airways disease – Electronic poster discussion – ERS 2009 –Vienna Comparative evaluation of budesonide formoterol combination MDI with Salbutamol MDI in reversibility testing in patients with obstructive airways disease. Thematic poster session – ERS 2010 –Bar