I currently work in the Global Medical Expert Team of the Respiratory Franchise of GSK in a Medical Expert Lead role for Respiratory Medicine. I started my industry career in June 2015 to explore opportunities within the Pharma sector relating directly to my expertise in severe and difficult asthma. I continue to do one clinical day per week in this role in both a severe asthma and sports asthma clinic as well as maintaining a small private practice and consultancy work with a number of external elite performance teams. Prior to this I worked as a Consultant Chest Physician in a busy teaching hospital department with a varied and challenging job plan that combined secondary and tertiary care work in both general and highly specialised Respiratory medicine. In this dynamic environment I was the lead clinician for pleural disease (and ran an ambulatory care pleural disease service), had a lead on the clinical introduction of bronchial thermoplasty, led on clinical handover and was the clinical lead for our new out of hours working, Hospital 24/7.